An entrance foyer, fully glazed down one side. On the other side is a large notice board, available to hirers for pre-publicity and on the day of hire for mounting table plans; photographs etc.

An ‘upper’ hall with a stained wood floor and wood panelled walls and ceiling. The ceiling gives the pleasant effect of a canopy. It has slim wood-faced columns down each side. One end of the hall is floor-to-ceiling windows and down each side are roof lights set into the ceiling. Blinds/curtains are fitted to cut out the daylight if required.

It is equipped with modern light fittings that can be dimmed to produce the desired effect depending upon the time of day, varying from maximum light output for meetings, exhibitions etc to low level output for parties, dances etc.


A large Stage in the ‘Upper’ hall equipped with stage curtain and flies; a cyclorama; and an unstained wood floor.Fixed lights in front of and above the stage provide good levels of light for most types of event.

A Green/Dressing Room and all-purpose room. This is adjacent to the stage and is often used in conjunction with performances for dressing and possesses a drop-down table, mirrors and hanging rack. However it can be used by hirers for other purposes and, because of its proximity to the kitchen, by caterers.


A medium size ‘lower’ hall. This multi-purpose hall is located below the stage and accessible either from within the building down a flight of stairs or from a rear entrance at ground level. It has the capacity to hold about 50 people seated and is an ideal venue for meetings, conferences or small events.

A Smartboard is installed so that a projector can be used, or it can be linked to a laptop.


A large well-appointed kitchen. Within the standard hire fee hirers have access to sufficient equipment to meet the basic tea/coffee refreshment needs. For parties, dinners etc involving cooking, hirers may have access at an extra hire charge, to an eight burner, dual oven, gas-fired cooker; a commercial size fridge; a freezer; a commercial microwave; a hot cupboard; a commercial dishwasher; stainless steel preparation surfaces; and a hand wash basin.


The primary access door leading directly into the ‘Upper’ Hall via the foyer is at ground level and does not involve any steps. There is also an access door at ground level to the ‘Lower’ Hall. There are secondary access doors and emergency doors that do involve steps.

Within the premises, there is a flight of three steps between the ‘Upper’ Hall and the kitchen. An automatic drinking water heater is positioned at the bottom of the steps that enables access to hot water by hirers without using the stairs.


The hall is licenced for public entertainment including plays, films, live music, recorded music, dance and for the retail sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises.